Digital Signage


Support Standalone and network model
Unified-management of multi-store
self-management of single store

Two management modes

  • Standalone mode

    Programe could be updated by using USB stick.
    Network is unnecessary

  • Network mode

    Using FOUNYA CMS ,terminals could be be controlled in real-time,
    programe could release and download via internet.

Unified Management by headquarters

When headquarters adjusted the menu
for each branch,It's more easy
for mangement they can set terminal in different group

Schedule Playlists

Support running multiple playlists at
the same time;we can Schedule playlist
in advance, and play them at the appointed time

Real-time Remote Management

Using FOUNYA CMS ,terminals could be
be controlled in real-time,programe
could release and download via internet.

Create your custom layouts

Use your pre-existing images,
videos and websites as you create your custom layouts.
(video/photo/scrolling text/date/time/weather)

Classic case



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