Self checkout kiosk bring fast and convenient checkout methods to consumers, they are widely used in Unattended convenience store.At the same time must solve the loss prevention issue.

so Founpad uses acoustomagnetictags to replace the original RFID tags,saving 80% of the cost and realizing profit for stores. Consumer enter store,purchase commodity, and make payment,

it will be automatically demagnetized and the access control communication will be controlled door openning.Member is registrated when consumer enter the store,which is used for customers

tracked and membership analysis.Indoor monitoring records consumer activity for further consumer behavior analyzes.

Self checkout process

  • Enter store

    Face recognition screen
    Door is opened after
    registeraion by scanning face.

  • Self checkout

    self checkout kiosk
    Demagnetize the
    product after payment.

  • Recognition

    Acousto-magnetic recognition:
    Exit channel will identify
    if the commodity was paid.

  • Open door

    Access control:
    Control door opening after payment confirmation
    alarm for identify non-payment.

Face Recognition Screen

Wechat face scan identification, wechat menbership system intergation is available.
Advertising model when no one touch.

Degaussing station

Degaussing the EAS label after payment.Increased.Acoustic magnetic
recognition prevents consumers from skimming commodity and paying less,
realize anti-theft purpose and reduce manual appoval work.

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