AI self checkout kiosk

Self checkout by AI food regonition ,
a smart restaurant experience like never before!

New AI algorithm, fast checkout

Using Ali algorithm, the recognition success rate is up to 99%.
Image recognition takes only 80ms(0.08 seconds).
From recognition to payment,order can is accomplished in 2S

Intelligent checkout method,
more suitable for the canteen scene

Support the combined payment of multiple orders
Support promotional activities

Menus data input is easy and Intelligent

Record menus datas by 3 photos and save in local, then synchronized to
the cloud server to ensure data synchronization across stores

Batch management of menus,
easy operation

Batch input menus names and prices and photo.
Menu data is synchronizated to cloud platform.

Intelligent catering background

sales data collection /easy management /data analysis

Simplified operation
Offer customers more considerate service

Self check operation is simple, dishes prices are clear,
support various payment code scanning, IC card, face brush payment. etc

Open API

Distributor and chain brands is easily access various payment method,
IC membership card systems. Offer API for POS, ERP system intergation


Local server

Using a local server is not affected by network,
Checkout can be done in 1 second .
one local service can be link with multiple kisok at the same time


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