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Congrate! Founya won Watsons Project


In June 2016, Founya self-service terminal successfully entered the Watson Group, so that Watson's "beyond the electronic service line, to achieve the tide of new experience," the goal of further landing. But also to the Watson chain store operation and management has brought a lot of convenience, to help Watson O2O tide in the market to open a new course.

Watson was founded in 1828, is the Yangtze River Hutchison Co., Ltd.'s Watson Group to health and beauty-based brand. Watson operates in 24 countries and operates more than 12,000 retail outlets with 117,000 employees. The Group covers products including health care products, beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics, daily use, food, beverages, electronic products, wine and airport retail business. Watson has more than 1,000 stores and 30 million members in more than 200 cities in China and is the largest health and beauty retail chain in China.

This self-service terminal is Founya Electronics according to Watson's functional requirements, store style, the future market operation of professional R & D design, belonging to Watson tailored models. Self-service terminal collection 10-point capacitive touch screen, bill printing, can be connected to the network cable or wireless WiFi and other functions, allowing customers to find self-service terminals to browse merchandise, order products, Huimin promotions. This Fang Ya electronic custom self-service terminals in Guangzhou and Shanghai Watson's major retail stores pilot operation, welcome to visit our customers experience!

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