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Food locker used in Guangzhou university city


In May 2017, our company successfully landed the insulated food locker in guangzhou university city. In order to solve the problem of students ordering and queuing during the rush hour, students can order food half an hour in advance and go to the insulated food cabinet to pick up the food immediately after class, which greatly saves time. The convenience of the food cabinet of the thermal insulation unit is comparable to that of taking express delivery, which improves the delivery efficiency, so that people can arrange their own meal time; And fang pai intelligent pick up cabinet can be set with the function of heat preservation mode, delivery personnel in advance to put the takeout in the smart grid, ordering users can according to their own actual situation, arrange their own pick up time. Users no longer worry about the taste of takeout, delivery time, company image and office management, etc., which greatly improves the user takeout experience.

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