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FOUNYA Won Bangladesh's Dhaka Airport Project


In May 2018, FOUNYA and local Commsumark won the bid for the Dhaka Airport splicing screen project in Bangladesh. After more than half a year of preparation and planning, the project information has been obtained since August last year, with preliminary preparation materials, sample display and so on.

The Dhaka Airport splicing screen application project mainly uses Samsung DID ultra-narrow LCD splicing display and took the method to install and use through FOUNYA 2x2/3x3 55inch splicing screen, 46 pieces totally.It can adjust its display brightness. Screen flatness is extremely high. It is high-definition picture quality, wide viewing angle color is rich, refresh rate is high, and screen switching is smooth. Let the people who hastily rushed to the road enjoy a colorful and dynamic picture.

As a outstanding enterprise in the LCD display terminal supplier, FOUNYA has been closely monitoring the development of display applications in airports and shopping malls and so on. The splicing screen project of the Dhaka Airport in Bangladesh was perfected to show you the charm of LCD splicing screen! FOUNYA will keep forward to design more high-end fashion styles, produce higher quality products, provide more complete high-quality overall solutions for customers, and bring customers income!

FOUNYA brand: FOUNYA is a fusion of industry applications, and cooperates with a number of well-known software companies to develop multiple systems. Based on the multimedia distribution management system, it integrates industry application systems to provide a full range of LCD advertising display, self-service terminals, and electronic class cards and so on. The need for the transmission, recording and sharing of multimedia information in various scenarios such as media, newspapers, commercial chains, medical care, government, banking, and education. And successfully applied in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

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